Main elements of my local program #NDG #mtl2013

« Better Livable Neighbourhoods for All »

Making NDG an even better neighbourhood for families:

  • Keeping park chalets open when the park is, and cleaning up the facilities inside them
  • Providing better installations and more financial support to sports and leisure associations
  • Supporting and promoting green and white alley projects. Alleys are local playgrounds, not transit roads

Reducing congestion and improving overall mobility:

  • Planning public works better and delaying all non-urgent city works until MUHC and Turcot are finished
  • Crafting an overall mobility plan for NDG that will keep traffic on main arteries, and secure local streets and intersections
  • Improving public transit (esp. reserved bus lane on Sherbrooke and 2nd exit at Vendôme metro)

Supporting the development of our commercial streets:

  • Leveraging the investments of Cinema NDG (Empress) to revitalize Sherbrooke West
  • Supporting the establishment of a Société de développement commercial (SDC) on Monkland
  • Bringing more customers on Upper Lachine, and better serving the needs of Westmount adjacent on Décarie

Putting culture at the heart of our development:

  • Securing an artist workshop for the artistic community in the Sherbrooke-de Maisonneuve area (ex: Mile End)
  • Promoting NDG Arts week citywide to consolidate NDG’s position as a cultural neighbourhood
  • Renovating the heritage buildings and community assets of Le Manoir-Centre culturel and surrounding area

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